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On a mission to solve feeding and nutritional challenges for preterm infants

Paving the way toward positive growth through better nutrition

NICUtrition® is a state-of-the-art, software solution from Astarte Medical, a precision nutrition company led by a distinguished team and world-class advisors in neonatology, nutrition and microbiome using software and predictive analytics to improve outcomes during the first 1000 days of life.

The first 1000 days of life, from conception to age two, is the most critical time for brain, body, metabolism, and immune system development. It is also the time of most rapid change in the microbiome and, therefore, provides a unique window of opportunity for intervention. Optimal nutrition during this time will have a profound impact on a child’s ability to grow, learn, and thrive.

Astarte Medical is initially focused on the smallest and highest risk patients during this period — preterm infants. Providing the preterm infant with optimal nutrition while in the NICU to achieve the same growth and development of the healthy, growing fetus is the next imperative in neonatal critical care.

To learn more about out story and our passion for improving the lives of preterm infants, visit our corporate website at astartemedical.com.

“NICUtrition® helps a clinician navigate the increasingly complex details of nutrition and feeding strategies to make the best decision as experts in neonatal nutrition."

Tracy Warren

Co-founder and CEO

“Whether for an individual infant or an entire unit, clinical teams can track feeding milestones, validate quality improvement initiatives, and quantify correlated patient outcomes using NICUtrition®."

Tammi Jantzen

Co-founder and CFO

“With the ability to integrate through FHIR standards or Epic’s App Orchard, implementation of NICUtrition® is much simpler than custom integration projects or EMR reports with manual review."

David Genetti

Chief Technology Officer

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We work for babies.

A simple statement. But one that serves as a powerful reminder of our shared purpose and passion. Not just our profession. What we do is not as important as why we do it and how. Babies, especially those born prematurely, are the very expression of love, hope, strength, courage and resilience. We are inspired every day to attempt the impossible, think beyond the boundaries and create innovative solutions that help give these previous little fighters the very best opportunity to grow and enjoy a beautiful, healthier life.