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NICUtrition® is the first real-time, clinical decision support tool designed to monitor and analyze feeding and nutrition delivery in the NICU in order to improve quality of care and achieve healthier outcomes for your most vulnerable patients.

Simplify and improve feeding practices with NICUtrition®

Survival rates for preterm infants continue to improve as a result of advancements in neonatal care and technology. Unfortunately, achieving optimal nutrition management to support the healthy growth and development of these extremely vulnerable patients has remained a challenge…until now.

Unlock the power of your patient data
to deliver better care with better results

NICUtrition® extracts feeding and nutritional data directly from your hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) to provide valuable insights and analytics through an intuitive dashboard display. The system enables clinical teams to track improvements in feeding milestones, test quality improvement outcomes over time, and quantify the correlated patient outcomes — for an individual baby or for the entire NICU.

NICUtrition® is available in three offerings to suit the individual needs of your NICU.

Initial Insights

Provides both a retrospective review and ongoing monitoring of feeding practices, growth metrics and patient outcomes.


Fortified Analytics

Incorporates a hospital’s enteral feeding protocol, tracks protocol adherence, and includes statistics of outcomes and associated compliance.


BeST Practices

Bedside Support Tool enables efficient documentation and presents the patient’s feeding schedule together with growth history and percentile charts.


Expert Advisory Services

In addition to the powerful benefits offered through the NICUtrition®   platform, our exprienced team of experts can also provide consultative services to support and guide your efforts toward nutritional management excellence. Through advanced analytics and a data-driven approach, we can tailor a solution that meets your specific needs and get results, without the need for EMR integration.


Designed with a passion for promoting healthy growth and development of preterm infants everywhere

“As research has provided new information, exponentially in recent years, including the advent of molecular studies and “omics” of all kinds, a person at the bedside cannot know all about an infant’s metabolism, growth, development, nutrition, changes over time, influence of diseases and treatments, and all related outcomes.”

William W. Hay, Jr., MD
Chief Medical Officer
Astarte Medical


"What we feed preterm infants has become more and more complex, from standard infant formulas to emphasis on mother’s own milk, use of donor milk, fortifiers, new formulas, and supplements to formulas, all requiring the need to learn much more about advantages and risks of each."

Katherine E. Gregory PhD, RN, FAAN
Scientific Co-Founder
Astarte Medical


What’s New in Neonatal Feeding and Nutrition

AUG 5, 2020

Variation Among Feeding Practices in Preterm Infants

In the world of neonatology and beyond, a consensus has been reached: preterm infants are one the world’s most vulnerable populations. The question that remains, though, is how to treat these tiny babies…


Fall 2020

Neonatal Intensive Care Magazine

In this article, Tracy Warren discusses Building a Business Case for Nutrition Technology in the NICU.



NOV 9, 2020

Accelerating Genomics: Astarte Medical Launches NICUtrition®

Illumina Accelerator graduate’s platform addresses unmet needs in neonatal intensive care

Every year, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm worldwide.[1]


See how NICUtrition® can help  improve feeding practices, promote protocol compliance, and enable more effective, data-driven nutrition management to optimize growth and outcomes in your NICU.

Nutritional Insights for NICU Parents

Proper feeding and nutrition are essential for the healthy growth and development of your baby. Visit our NICUtrition Parent Portal to learn about the nutritional needs of your baby, how your baby will be fed during the NICU stay, and what is important for your baby to grow and thrive.