Real-Time Health Equity Intelligence

Hospitals are under increasing pressure from payers via financial incentives to adopt health equity solutions. Data-driven measures of reducing health disparities can result in higher reimbursement for hospitals. Current hospital health equity programs lack the tools to efficiently capture, measure, and track disparities. They rely on time-consuming retrospective studies which can confirm the presence of health disparities but are unable to address inherent bias at the point of care.

Introducing NICUtrition® Equitable Care Intelligence

NICUtrition® Equitable Care Intelligence (ECI) is an EMR-integrated platform that monitors feeding, nutrition, care and associated outcomes of preterm infants by race and ethnicity throughout the patient journey from birth to discharge.  ECI enables the NICU team and hospital stakeholders to assess the provision of health equity at the patient and unit level.  Performance can be reviewed against target health equity or quality metrics or historical benchmarking using comprehensive data analysis and visualization.  

NICUtrition® ECI will change the health equity paradigm by accessing and analyzing detailed data unlocking the potential of the EMR by providing real-time, dynamic visualizations, a robust and configurable analytics interface, and “printable” report cards.

Identifying Disparities in Care

Extensive studies have revealed racial and/or ethnic disparities in the NICU.  Providing consistent quality of care starts with standardization in practice, then identifying patients who may require additional attention or consideration.  Real time, data-driven tools can help clinicians identify disparities in delivery of care, improve nutrition and growth, and reduce co-morbidities. 

Comprehensive Reporting for Stakeholders

Additionally, NICUtrition ECI seamlessly captures quality metrics, saving hospital systems time and resources, and create a measurable reporting platform, for health equity committees, payers, and rating agencies. A comprehensive summary of severe morbidity by race and ethnicity is provided through the Outcomes Dashboard.


Quality of Care Assessment

Real-time Comparison of a Patient to Assess Health Equity Delivery

Comprehensive Visualizations

Identifying Patients That Require Additional Support

Real-time Tracking of Programs

Empowering Health Equity and Design QI Programs

Integration to NICUtrition®

Equitable Care Intelligence is fully integrated with Astarte Medical’s NICUtrition® platform.  This real-time, clinical decision support tool is drives standardization in feeding decisions and nutrition management.