Initial Insights

NICUtrition® — liberating data to improve feeding practices and foster better outcomes

Leverage the power of your own patient data with Initial Insights

Hospitals collect vast amounts of patient data, which is stored in the electronic health record. But when it comes to feeding and nutrition, clinicians lack the ability to properly organize, visualize and learn from this data to make more informed and accurate care decisions.

NICUtrition® Initial Insights puts the power of your patient data right at your fingertips.

NICUtrition® Initial Insights…

  • generates a multi-year retrospective study of feeding data, which serves as an initial baseline measure;
  • displays real-time ongoing analytics of feeding metrics and milestones through an intuitive, interactive dashboard;
  • provides feeding data on an individual patient as well as unit-level;
  • enables you to effectively monitor feeding practices, track milestones, and measure outcomes with simple data extraction for reporting and quality initiatives.

Analytics Reporting Panel

An overview of NICU performance by individual patient or
the unit as a whole.

Growth Charts

Our “Smart Growth Charts” offer a visualization of growth patterns with the added ability to overlay significant clinical events.

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NICUtrition® offerings are available separately or as a comprehensive suite of tools to meet the needs of your NICU.

Get ready to improve your feeding practices and patient outcomes with NICUtrition®!