System Benefits

Discover how NICUtrition® can make a real difference for your patients and your NICU

NICUtrition® is the right solution for your patients, your care team and your NICU

NICUtrition® is helping to make preterm infant nutrition management smarter, more personalized, and data-driven. This powerful, cloud-based SaaS platform offers a host of valuable benefits for the neonatal care team, clinical research staff, NICU management and IT department, all focused on achieving higher quality of care, improved patient outcomes, and a better bottom line.

Better care with data-enabled decision making

With easy and intuitive access to your NICU’s historical feeding data with real-time analysis of metrics and milestones, NICUtrition® enables clinicians to make more confident, well-informed care decisions.

More consistent quality care delivery

NICUtrition® makes it easy to track adherence to your hospital’s enteral feeding protocol, compare protocol compliance and patient outcomes, and implement quality improvement initiatives as needed.

Enhanced team collaboration

NICUtrition® strengthens care coordination and rounding by giving cross-functional teams the ability to access and share timely, relevant information, streamline communication, and conduct remote consultations.

Less documenting, more time at the bedside

NICUtrition® helps simplify the feeding process and streamline the workflow, offering an intuitive display of feeding guidelines, automated calculations and simplified reporting to mitigate the risk of errors, reduce documentation time, and improve patient care.

Lower cost-of-care with shorter length of stay

Caring for a preterm infant in the NICU is complicated and expensive. Through optimal nutrition management, NICUtrition® can help support you in your work to grow healthy babies and help them go home as soon and as safely as possible.

Efficient integration with hospital's EMR

NICUtrition® takes the pressure off of your IT department with a could-based system that integrates seamlessly with your EMR, meets FHIR standards for secure interoperability, and is 100% HIPAA compliant to ensure patient privacy and data integrity.

Let NICUtrition® support your efforts to achieve better growth outcomes for preterm infants

Enhancing Clinical Care Practices in the NICU

Supporting Clinical Research and Education

Improving Quality Care Standards and Outcomes