Fortified Analytics

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Designed to improve practice, quality of care & patient outcomes

NICUtrition® Fortified Analytics overlays a hospital’s enteral feeding protocol in order to effectively track and evaluate adherence, as well as improve standardization of care across the NICU. The software enables a better understanding of outcomes based on historical feeding practices related to your protocol, while identifying opportunities for improvements in feeding practice and quality of care delivery.

NICUtrition® Fortified Analytics…

  • combines the multi-year retrospective review of your feeding data from Initial Insights with an overlay of up to two enteral feeding protocols;
  • digitizes an existing enteral feeding protocol, including projected feeds for the next 48 hours with automated calculations;
  • generates a full protocol compliance audit to identify opportunities for ongoing protocol enhancements;
  • helps improve efficiency, team collaboration, and rounding.

Analytics Dashboard

Allows for configurable filtering of detailed insights into unit-wide metrics and measures.  

Analytics Reporting Panel

An overview of NICU performance by individual baby or the entire unit with the addition of protocol adherence tracking.

Protocol Heatmap

A digitized protocol with a heat map overlay to highlight areas of compliance and noncompliance to feeding guidelines.

Rounding Report

A quick reference guide for feed planning and rounding — understand past, present and future feeding goals and milestones at a glance. 

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NICUtrition® offerings are available separately or as a comprehensive suite of tools to meet the needs of your NICU.

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