BeST Practices

NICUtrition® — liberating data to improve feeding practices and foster better outcomes

BeST Practices improves nursing workflows and
provides more time at the bedside

NICUtrition® BeST Practices is a patient-level ‘Bedside Support Tool’ designed to help facilitate more consistent delivery of care, reduce documentation time, improve reporting and simplify the workflow so your care team can focus on what matters most — the patient.

NICUtrition® BeST Practices combines the features of our other offerings PLUS…

  • automated feed schedule and historic feed snapshot;
  • one-click feeding documentation;
  • support of shift change for nutrition-focused updates;
  • structured clinical notes written back to EMR;
  • tracking of protocol pathways for patients.

Feed Schedule with Pointers

Detailed feeding schedules show historic and future data to support feed planning and nutritional intake monitoring.

Feed-Edit-Daily Volume

A detailed view of an individual feed to highlight what the feeding guideline suggested vs. what was actually delivered, along with the option to capture structured notes and make modifications to future feeds based on clinical changes and observations.


A highlighted route on the decision tree demonstrates the pathway followed to make a feeding recommendation.

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