Our Solution

NICUtrition® — liberating data to improve feeding practices and foster better outcomes

Finally, a powerful platform designed to improve feeding practices,
quality of care delivery, and patient outcomes

NICUtrition® is a real-time, clinical decision support solution that enables NICU clinical care teams to standardize and streamline the practice of feeding, improving quality of care and promoting healthier outcomes. NICUtrition® integrates with the EMR and digitizes your hospital’s own enteral feeding protocol.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of your NICU

NICUtrition® comprises three offerings of data-driven features that are available to match your organization’s specific needs.

Initial Insights

Provides both a retrospective review and ongoing monitoring of feeding practices, growth metrics and patient outcomes.


Fortified Analytics

Incorporates a hospital’s enteral feeding protocol, tracks protocol adherence, and includes statistics of outcomes and associated compliance.


BeST Practices

Bedside Support Tool enables efficient documentation and presents the patient’s feeding schedule together with growth history and percentile charts.


As a SaaS solution, NICUtrition® utilizes standard authentication and APIs to integrate seamlessly with your hospital’s electronic medical records system (EMR).


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