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Expert Advisory Services

We understand the many challenges you face in achieving optimal nutrition management to support the healthy growth and development of these extremely preterm infants. Liberating your EMR data can provide valuable insights by allowing you to track improvements in feeding milestones, test quality improvement outcomes over time, and quantify the correlated patient outcomes. However, we know that your resources – both money and time – are often limited.

Our team, led by industry experts, can help you uncover and solve these challenges by engaging in a flexible partnership that allows for discovery, analysis, and optimization that can better your patient outcomes, improve quality and patient safety, identify charting inconsistencies and gaps, and decrease costs. There is no need for EMR integration, and we can work within any budget. Let us put the power of your patient data at your fingertips.


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Our Advantage


  • A deep understanding of feeding and nutrition

  • Advanced analytics

  • Transformational technology

  • No need for EMR integration

A Customized, Data-Driven Approach That Gets Results

  • We obtain and assess historical patient data, looking at patient outcomes and trends by gestational age cohorts, birthweight groups, or specific date ranges.

  • In addition to patient outcomes and trends, we review historical feeding and nutrition data to benchmark key metrics and milestones. We illuminate areas where documentation, information gaps or charting practices can be enhanced.

  • Based on evidence-based research and in consultation with nutrition experts, we assess your current feeding protocol and provide benchmarking data and recommendations. We also overlay your feeding protocol on your historical patient feeding data to identify compliance rates and vulnerabilities and highlight areas for education and training.
EAS Nutrition and Feeding Charts

The above represents a sampling of some of the data compiled and provided as part of our Expert Advisory Services program. 

Improve Patient Outcomes Through Better Nutritional Management

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